Friday, June 30, 2006

New Trends In Online Traffic

The dramatic success of those Internet categories is apparent from a recent online-traffic analysis provided by market research firm ComScore Media Metrix, which examined visitor growth rates among the 50 top Web sites over the past year.

Top-ranked sites growing the most, ComScore's data showed, were, a personal publishing site;, where young people do virtual preening and share musical tastes; Wikipedia, an open reference site jointly edited by millions of people; and Citysearch, a network of local guides focused on cities.

Basically, visits to Sites for Blogging, Local Information and Social Networks Drive Web Growth

A datasheet is on the right

Anyway, while the news is good for both myspace and blogger, I reckon myspace needs to upgrade their blogging facilities.

All the best for them

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[Article Courtesy: By Leslie Walker, Washington Post]

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