Friday, July 07, 2006

Technorati Indexing MySpace Blogs

Some people, in fact a lot of people feel MySpace blogs are not blogs and they lack decent quality. Although I disagree with them, their points are debatable and sometimes convincing

Basically, they say that MySpace make the ultimate mistake of calling blog entries “blogs”.

To quote an article by Steve Rubel ..

[They are not “blogs”, they are “posts” or “entries”. “Blogs” are the collection of entries or posts. People don’t write journals. They write Journal entries. Likewise, captain’s don’t record logs…. They record log entries. So why do MySpacers think they are writing blogs? They are writing entries in their blogs, or writing entries for their blogs or even writing entries on their blogs, but they are not writing blogs...]

And now Technorati is indexing these guys as if they have the same credence as, say, Boing Boing or Steve Rubel.

Meeoow, surely some myspace bloggers won't take this lying down

Anyway, definitely myspace could do with an upgrade on their blog facilities..

For more on this article visit ..

[Article Courtesy : Steve Rubel ]

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