Sunday, August 06, 2006

Banned from MySpace

This is a common post I get to see in most blogs, followed by a lot of bulletins of repentance

Now, while I really don't know how, they got themselves banned, it is indeed sorry to note guys or ladies for that matter, repenting so much

As I said earlier While I don't know how they managed to get themselves into such a situation, it is better to leave that subject matter alone and if need be just give them some consolation, IF NEED BE.

Perhaps, everywhere it is the same story..

While no one likes to get banned or kicked out of anything sometimes you’ve just got to do it to see where the line is.

If you are really keen, push a little hard in a few too many directions at the same time and in no time you are sure to get whacked.

Bottomline... it is possible to get banned from myspace if you try hard enough.

A piece of advise...try staying within limits.


Scott Arthur Edwards said...

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Ron Jones said...

Yes, I agree with Scott.

MySpace has provided a traffic-rich platform for promoting a wide range of products and services. More and more people are joining myspace with advertising as their primary motive. Flashy banners and Glittery buttons and Images all adding up to the amount of spam activities that has proliferated around MySpace. Everybody trying to feed the MySpace Beast

To a certain extent it's ok....maybe Myspace has gained this amount of popularity 'coz it provides a smooth platform for the subtle promotion of products and services. But things go wrong when users push their marketing activities a bit too hard.

Anonymous said...

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