Monday, March 12, 2007

USA..... Abbreviations

It is quite enlightening to note that we are quite ignorant when it comes to viewing things in a larger perspective....

To put it more succintly, who could have thought that "USA" could have so many different abbreviations

USA United States Army
USA United States of America
USA Ulhasnagar Sindhi Association
USA Ultimate in Suspense and Action
USA Unconditional Self-Acceptance
USA Unconventional Stellar Aspect
USA Under Secretary of the Army
USA Underground Service Alert
USA Underground Sewer Adapter
USA Underwriting Service Assistant (insurance)
USA Unicycling Society of America
USA Unified Shader Architecture
USA Uniform Securities Act
USA Uniform System of Accounts
USA Uninterrupted Sharing Activity (education/reading)
USA Union of South Africa
USA Union Street Athletics (Bangor, Maine)
USA Unionville-Sebewaing Area (Michigan School District)
USA Unique Settable Attributes (Ciena)
USA Unit Self Assessment (US Navy)
USA United Scenic Artists
USA United Secularists of America, Inc.
USA United Seniors Association
USA United Servicers Association, Inc.
USA United Sites of America, Inc.
USA United Soccer Academy
USA United Software Association
USA United Space Alliance
USA United States Armsports
USA United States Attorney
USA United States of Africa (Arthur C. Clarke's '3001')
USA United States of Atlanta (Ying Yang Twins album)
USA United Stockgrowers of America
USA United Synagogue of America
USA Universal Secure Access (Universal Secure Access Card Identifier)
USA Universal Service Agency (South Africa)
USA Universities Safety Association
USA University of South Alabama
USA University of South Australia
USA Unix System Admin
USA Unstable Angina
USA Unusually Sensitive Area (environmental)
USA Urban Service Area
USA US Airways, Inc. (ICAO code)
USA USA Network (cable network channel)
USA Utilization, Support, & Accountability

Now, these are the ones that are "recognised" or in fact that are "active". Now who knows how many more are out there !!

Well..... long live USA.... !!!

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