Wednesday, January 30, 2008

If you are a member of Facebook, MySpace, Flickr or Blogger then you can get free photo scanning from This is normally a paid service, but wants to redirect their free campaign, which they also did for the Writers Guild of America members, to the users of these four top social networking sites.

CEO of, Mitch Goldstone, said that he wants users of MySpace, Flickr, Facebook and Blogger to digitize all of their precious analog photos that they might have sitting in their shoeboxes at home. Goldstone also said, “We selected Facebook, MySpace, Blogger and Flickr social networking members to receive this $49.95 value because they represent the most cutting-edge and innovative group of consumers. In exchange, we ask people to post reviews on their experience with our scanning and digital imaging photo center.”

Most people believe that facebook is better than myspace and is more organized and that Myspace is only better for bands etc, but Facebook could trump that card without too mush hassle if they wanted.

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