Monday, April 28, 2008

Social Networking Is Investment in the Future

Sites such as MySpace and FaceBook could be a nonprofit's dream market - millions of users engaging in activities and all interconnected.

But just setting up shop and collecting "friends" will not necessarily result in donors and supporters. They provide information from a guide to the "lingo" of social sites, to an approach to planning your entry into social networking.

Eventually you will want to start turning your 'friends' into activists, donors, and volunteers. However, you should make sure your social networking pages always feature lots of opportunities to get involved. Also include donation opportunities on your social networking pages. Even if you do not raise much in the short run, it helps to set expectations for the future.

Always let people know what happened at an event or with a campaign even if they did not participate. They might get involved the next time.

Think of social networking as an investment for the future.

The mostly young people you will dealing with are your donors and supporters of tomorrow. Get into the game now and learn how to use social media or you might be left behind for good.

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