Friday, September 28, 2007

Care to sleep with a filmstar ?

Christmas is not very far off, and if you want to start shopping, now is never too early.

If you want to buy Bedding for your home or some unique gifts to your friends, there is this nice site where you can buy Personalized Bedding. You can turn your pictures or digital designs into a Bedspread or Duvet Cover.

Instead of the ordinary bedspreads and duvet covers you can obtain a customized one done for you or as unique gifts for family and friends from

You can design your own bedding look at You select your favorite picture or digital design and have it specially dyed into your photo bedspreads and duvets.

Imagine sleeping with your favorite filmstar or pet!

Now Visionbedding is giving you that and dying their picture on to your bed sheets. Yes they can create your pet picture on bedspreads and duvet covers, throw pillows and pillow shams and blankets.

A great idea for you if you are studying or living abroad and you can have a picture of your favorite pet on your bedspreads. It is also an ideal way to complement your room to give it a personalized touch. The end result is a high quality custom photo product and you won’t be disappointed

The digital picture is professionally dyed into the blanket fabric using the latest production technology. have special process does not alter the fabric texture, it is gentle and the picture won't fade! The Blanket feels and washes just like the clothes you wear everyday. end result is a soft, superb high-quality personalized photo blanket.

So get movin !

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