Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Deal Locker - helping friends get deals

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If you like to save a buck or two here and there, you are obviously on the lookout for coupons and promo codes that you could use for your usual spending. Most of the time it´s cheaper to buy things online anyway but it gets even cheaper when you have free online coupons.

You may have tried many sites like etc. but you may or may not have found them to your satisfaction. Recently I came across this cool site that has a lot coupons that you could use, coupons that allow you to get offers the half the price.

The best part about this site is that if you come across a good deal/coupon then you can go into the relevant category and add the coupon so that others can take advantage of it too.

"Deal Locker is dedicated to friends helping friends get deals!" This is the motto!!

Your friends would call you if they had a great coupon to share or found out about a sale at your favorite boutique. Well pretend that you just made a whole lot of new friends...

Deal Locker is a place to find and share coupons and coupon codes, there are tens of thousands of coupons for thousands of stores, and you can actually find the ones that work! All coupons are user rated and by default you get only working coupons…, which have not expired.

To benefit from coupon codes you just have to go to, type in your preferred shop and Deallocker will find the applicable coupon codes for you. Then check for a coupon that will work with your specific order. Just copy the code and go to your preferred internet store and paste your code at the check out. The amount in association with the coupon code chosen by you will be credited and you´re done.

Coupon examples:

clothing coupons
garden coupons
shop bop coupons

If you add up all the money saved by coupon codes found at Deallocker, you can even buy a new expensive electronic device !!

They also have other facilities as well…..visit their shopping tips and coupon blog and find out for yourself…

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