Sunday, May 06, 2007


Before I commence, please note that this blog also occasionally includes sponsored entries.

Most of the sponsored entries are basically personal opinion on the sponsored product or service – Please note that sponsored entries may or would contain the words 'advertisement' or 'sponsored post'. This is to mainly maintain the level of the blog and not to detract readers from enjoyment of regular posts…The below is a sponsored post for…. now that we are done with the formalities, let’s begin…

Its funny this “sponsored offer” came up now as I was just about surfing for home accessories.

The I reckoned that it wouldn’t be right, writing for somebody, if you have not visited their stores, right ? No, wrong. I was surprised to note the enormous amount of posts going on and on about Farrey’s. Now who would want to write on Farrey’s? Basically, housewives having their own blogs and communicating to others on their purchase experiences or people like us who blog for dough. In which case, there is a chance it might be a bit biased…

Let’s put it this way….there are a lot of information about churned out there… To quote a houesewife blog, with due apologies …. We're meeting our accountant in the morning and them going tile shopping. Our kitchen floor is horrendous; we've needed new tile for ages now but we've been too cheap to put it in! Now, it was on my way to shopping when I met up with this gorgeous hunk! ……Thar she blows…..

Now this has such a personal touch, is intense and very nice to read… with Farreys in the background. Well unfortunately, you ain’t gonna get that here...although however hard I try.

Anyway, where were we?

Ahh yes…searching for information on Basically, they are, or appear to be a hardware wholesaler. I found them today while surfing for house accessories and they do have quite an impressive range. As usual, curiosity got the better of me, so I checked it out. Bottomline… if you're looking to purchase a new ceiling fan, kitchen sink, or bath accessory, you should definitely check out

In short, Farrey's are a leading US supplier of ceiling fans, light fittings and various other household fixtures. also sells bathroom products, bathroom hardware, door hardware, kitchen hardware, lamps, and ventilation hardware apart from ceiling fans.
Their main range is ceiling fans on which they have listed over 400 distinct styles from 13 different manufacturers. More than that, an interesting aspect is that they allow you to customise your fan using their wide range of blades, motors, downrods and other spare parts. Now you can have a “home-made” or a fan in line with your issues [as if there is a shortage of any]

They now seem to promote a brand new range from the Casablanca Fan Company and they come in a wide range of traditional and contemporary styles. The Casablanca range also has desktop fans and fans for damp conditions. They are many more listed in the Farrey's catalogue and which can be viewed here.

Farrey's also appear to have an equally good selection of bathroom accessories, door knobs, and other practical yet decorative items! If you by any chance are searching for any new lighting fixtures and what to check up on lighting brand or by lighting application or by style... then you can do so at . The lighting product search tool quickly helps find the perfect lights for anyone’s application and some of the selections at are pretty cool…They also have an extensive selection of energy saving lighting for indoor or outdoor applications. Saying so has already given ideas of a purchase.

Basically, if you are looking for a site that offers lights, lamps, lighting fixtures or outdoor lighting in a wide range of styles and at the lowest prices from dozens of top manufacturers you have got to check out as it would surely gives you ways and means to spend that extra savings !

As a closing line, is a fabulous place if you are not sure what you are searching for as it gives you so many new ideas and options.

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