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A Hawaiian Vacation Package..

I was searching for travel locations and hoping to locate some travel vacation packages, when I accidentally happened to land on the page regarding information on trips to Hawai'i.. Going through the info, it became aware why Hawaii is the United States' top holiday destination... ROMANCE! But weddings apart, any reason to getaway, be it birthdays or anniversaries, they all are just excellent reasons to celebrate romance in the Islands of Aloha.

Another interesting factor was the importance given to Ecotourism. It not only supports the well being of local communities, but the commercial entities have a positive influence on the environment as they promote a tourism industry that is environmentally and culturally sensitive while increasing profits. More details on Growing Ecotourism Industry In Hawaii is available here…..

The availability of vacation accommodations through online resources such as affords tourists the opportunity to plan a customized, environmentally-friendly vacation. A savvy traveler seeking information about ecotourism-based excursions to Maui and Kauai can visit for additional details. Take advantage of technology to plan the most unique, socially-conscious trip.

Another interesting factor are the customised villas...

Villas are the new vacation trend and are quickly replacing larger, more commercialized hotels as the choice place to stay for many savvy travelers. Such accommodations are perfect for those people seeking a truly relaxing, tropical vacation that mot only provides the enjoyment, privacy and comfort of a vacation home over the impersonal environment of a traditional hotel. An out-of-the-way oasis is just a click away when you check out a site like that specializes in Hawaii vacations. Whether you are looking for romance, relaxation, swimming, surfing or other activities, staying at a Hawaii vacation villa can enable you to be right in the center of the place you want to be, rather than several miles away at a hotel.

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Now to get down to some trivialities.......

Most visitors to Hawaii marvel at the region’s amazing sights through a car window, on a bus tour or on a hike.

But nothing compares to the thrill of taking in the sights from the back of a motorcycle.

Hawaii’s spectacularly varied environment makes for memorable riding experiences. The roads traversing each island lead from tropical rainforests to desert landscapes and back. The beauty about riding on this island is that in a couple hours you can go from sea level to 4,000 feet…. But please note that renting a motorcycle in Hawaii requires a valid motorcycle license or a motorcycle licensing endorsement on an automobile driver license. The legally permitted minimum age depends on the state where the license is issued, however, some motorcycle rental companies enforce a minimum age of 21, or even 23, in accordance with their insurance coverage. Passengers must be at least 7 years old. To the pleasure of some riders, Hawaii does not require helmets. Rentals also require a credit card deposit authorization ranging anywhere from $350 to $2,500. Even if it’s just for a few hours, a tour by motorcycle in Hawaii is the stuff that makes memories. It’s truly the ultimate vantage point to soak in the surrounding beauty. Also, MAKE NOTE THAT some of the most popular tourist destinations aren’t necessarily the most ideal for motorcycle outings.

Hawaii is also a year-round destination for golf, and this is something that sets it apart from many other holiday destinations.

Generally, the professional golf season starts with four events in Hawaii; each year, six professional tourneys are staged in the islands. Hawaii is also home to 80 championship-caliber courses. Of these, Golf Magazine places eight on its top 25 domestic courses; no other state has more than two resorts on the list.

Apart from Golf, one must check out the sailing experience on the Hahalua Lele.

It is unique for two reasons: the canoe and the captain. A basic outing with Cho at the helm lasts about two-and-a-half hours and costs $95 per person. Besides the coastal cruise, you’ll stop for snorkeling and, during the winter months, whale watching. Half-day and full-day cruises are available, too.

Another interesting fact is that because of the new craze in Hula, in Japan, the Japanese hula fanatics are visiting Hawaii in waves, pun intended.

They are seeking to learn from the original source, and they are coming to events year-round, ranging from the many festivals and as well as various hula retreats and individual workshops. It is believed that there are over 300,000 hula students in Japan, now that is quite a lot a hula circles…

However as per market statistics, Hawaii’s tourism industry is currently facing a slump, with overall January arrivals down nearly 5 percent and the lucrative Japanese market down by around 12 percent.

But, does it make a difference….not the lease, although the decline could be due to the fact of Hawaii’s strict new smoking ban, which went into effect in November…. and for Japanese smoking for whom smoking is an essential habit …. [No offense meant….but, they smoke !]

Now apparently the Dalai Lama was scheduled to visit Maui on April 24 and 25.

It's the third time this dude has landed there. Obviously, he likes the place... However, although it’s Maui and these guys enjoy a certain level of "enlightenment", be it spiritual or sexual they definitely are not quite religious. The real problem is that most of these guys don’t know a damn thing about the Dalai Lama except that he has a buzz cut, wears a lot of robes and is kind of adorable. Some of them even feel that he is one cool guy but the majority either is confused about him or they completely ignore the question hoping that they don’t appear thick by going on record and answer the question. For instance, very few know that he likes to golf... and that he is extraordinarily funny even during prayer sessions….

But he certainly enjoyed himself… and if he could.... so can you…

So instead of going on and on, visiting Hawai’i is definitely worth giving a shot, a swing and a swig…

That’s about it…. get your travel bags and envision you and your loved one on a romantic Hawaiian Holiday.

Aloha……and have fun…

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