Monday, June 04, 2007 - The Free Way to Get Movies, Music, and Games

The following is a paid review.......... Is A Free Way to Get Movies, Music, and Games

In other words, BarterBee, is an online DVD trading site. The site allows you to trade DVD movies, music CDs and games with other online participants. It claims that it is the "cheapest way to get movies, music, and games and that you can purchase any of the items on their site for only a dollar (USD). They state that they're cheaper than Netflix, iTunes, Blockbuster and eBay. also allows you to legally trade-in your existing CD's, DVD's, and Games for new and more interesting ones. Best of all, you can keep the item as long as you would like. It's that easy!

Basically, members join for free and receive a free CD, DVD or video game of their choice to try out the site. Members list items for a point value without a fee or commission. The site automatically creates the listing that includes free photos, content and reviews. When another member acquires the item, the points are given to the listing member. Those points can be used to get new items on the site, again without any transaction fees. That's all there's to it.......

BarterBee is very similar to the concepts and PeerFlix or Netflix but also allows for trading of CDs and Video games in addition to DVDs. People get to set the value of the products ultimately getting around the system forced approach.

Furthermore, if you sign up for free now, you get a free DVD with free shipping. Recently, has released a personal widget that allows members to take their inventory with them and post the widget on their own personal blog, site, or social site profile page.

Not only that, you can also trade cd video games and cds for $1.00.As you can imagine, this is significantly cheaper than NetFlix and PeerFlix seeing that caps your monthly max at $5.00 out of your pocket. Any trades over your 5th are on the house.

In short, - The Free Way to Get Movies, Music, and Games .....

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david said...

Hey Shankar,

Thanks for the great review. We'd like to point out a significant correction on your review... is now FREE!

You are no longer capped to $5.00 per month out of pocket since you no longer need to pay anything per trade.

Happy Trading!