Thursday, June 28, 2007

Spice Girls get ready for 'one night stand'

Couldn't help mentioning this..... but The Spice Girls have reformed.

The band announced they were reuniting on Thursday, six years after they finally split, for a world tour in December. They are also releasing a greatest hits album.

Geri Halliwell, 34, insists the reunion is going to be like a "one night stand", and says the girl group want to "celebrate the past" and are not getting back together for good.

Geri, who left the band in 1998, told BANG Showbiz: "It's a bit like a one night stand - it's not forever.

"We want to celebrate the past, enjoy being together and say thank you to our fans
'We are going to have a huge crèche for all the children'

She added: "It feels like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I've got the golden ticket! It's so exciting. It was like I got divorced and now I have fallen in love with my ex-husband again."

Victoria, who has three sons with soccer ace David Beckham, insisted: "There is a big difference between celebrating the past and getting back together.
We are here to do a tour and that's all.

"Our priority is our families. We are doing this for our kids so they can see what we do. We are going to have a huge crèche for all the children. I am so excited about this tour - I might get to be the cool one in the family

for once!"

The girl band also said they can't wait to don their famous old outfits again. Mel B revealed: "I will be wearing leopard skin and Geri will have her Union Jack dress on."

Mel C added: "I want to wear my tracksuit again
'It's just a grown-up version'
. I will be going down the market looking for a shell suit. Hats off to our characters."

Victoria insists the band have still retained their old images and their style hasn't changed since they split in 2001.

She said: "We didn't know what we would all be wearing, but we look the same as we used to. We still have the same images and they haven't really changed."
Emma Bunton added: "It's just a grown-up version."

The Spice Girls are set to kick off their 11-date world tour in Los Angeles, followed by shows in Las Vegas, New York City, Buenos Aires, London, Cologne, Madrid, Beijing and Sydney.

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