Saturday, May 03, 2008

Think of social networking as an investment

We admit, social networking is not for everyone.

As you evaluate the goals for your own organization you will need to consider…

All publicity is NOT good publicity

How will (potential) donors react to your organization on a social platform

Will social drive donations?
Is social traffic worthwhile traffic?
Will social traffic convert?
Is social cost effective?

Just think of social networking as an investment for the future.

Prepare to lose control and know who is already pretending to be you.

The mostly young people you will dealing with are your donors and supporters of tomorrow.

Get into the game now and learn how to use social media or you might be left behind for good.

Oh, and anytime people say "this thing is a fad".... I think of blogging.

Lots of people told me that I was nuts with no clear objective, when I started it too. It wasn’t. I had no idea of it whatsoever but I an slowly beginning to enjoy it....

Now let's see what the future holds !

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