Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP

Demand and supply has a funny criteria or in other words a standard or a base that it operates from. Whiz kids call it the benchmark, which of-course bounces off a lot of people.

Now returning to where we started……….the market at present, works on a funny standard , that is a 1,2, and 1,2,0 and a 1,2,3 standard. So basically you gotta write down each move [ie., if you have the time and you are quick on the uptake, by market standards] or else, you are lost!

So, where were we now ?

Did someone mention anything about USP……..or a unique selling proposition ?

Now did someone say some-thing ?

Must make an appointment with my psychiatrist!

Now lets create A as the demand and B as the supply and C as the constant. so that whenever there is a break in communication we can always move over to the other side. In other words, you have to know both sides……….

Oops...ego beckons…………. Let’s bathe in it…….or else C cannot control the neurotic……

Now where do the male and female elements fit in … such a process ?

NLP should be a lot more organized…..few understand it

Catch up with you later

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