Sunday, May 18, 2008

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites are cropping up all over the internet [ and Furl are two of the most popular ones]

Sites like these run rampant on the internet and are set to explode in popularity. The basics of Social bookmarking revolve around allowing users the option to store their favorite sites and pages online and label them with tags.

Since the bookmarks are stored online, they are not limited to a particular computer. Most Social bookmarking sites also have built in RSS features so users can share their bookmarks.
Some even let users vote for the bookmark or article and will put the most favored links up higher. As a web owner, this means you will receive some extra exposure if your pages are favored by Social bookmarkers.

Each Social bookmarking site is run differently, but all are organized by the concept of tags.

But, since your webpage may be tagged with many tags instead of just one, who really cares with spelling? With tagging, you will want your content to be tagged with as many related tags as possible to increase the chances of your webpage being found.

And at the rate some of these popular Social bookmarking sites are being snatched up by major search engine companies, you know they’re onto something. Yahoo has recently acquired Flickr and, two of the web’s most popular bookmarking utilities.

One of the top tagging sites on the internet, Technorati, allows the web owner to tag their own content and add it to the Technorati index. Bloggers have been rewarded with thousands of extra visitors per day by mastering Technorati.

There's no doubt that by tagging, you will definitely increase some traffic to your site


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Syed said...

Social bookmarking is fun and can be very profitable if we do it right. But many people don't seem to do it right enough to get much out of it.

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